Specific Issues

While I have experience working with an array of problems and populations, I do have a few areas about which I am particularly passionate.



$120 per session--Free initial consultation

Eating disorders are seldom just about food. They represent a complex range of conditions that often interfere with a person's relationships, daily activities, and physical health. I provide outpatient support to people who have completed intense treatment for an eating disorder and need continued care to maintain their progress.

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TRAUMA & Anxiety

$120 per session--Free initial phone consultation

When someone survives something bad or scary it can have a profound impact on the way they see the world, their ability to trust others, and even their physical health. By using a form of cognitive behavioral therapy I can help children and adults who have lived through traumatic experiences (including abuse) regain a sense of normalcy.  

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Premarital Counseling

$120 per session--Free initial phone consultation

When preparing for their wedding, many people forget to plan for their marriage. Research shows that couples who enter into marriage with a thoughtful game plan have a better chance of enduring than those who don't. I offer counseling to guide couples through important conversations such as conflict resolution, managing finances, family planning, and intimacy before they tie the knot.