Dr. Kimberly Diggles, LMFT

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Therapy services & Mental health resources for children, families and couples


Strength in Connection

More than just a place to describe the therapy services I offer, this site is intended to be a space where I can provide people with information and perspectives about mental health, healthy relationships, and local resources. Strength is not about avoiding help from others; to reclaim your strength means to embrace your humanness without apology and trust that you will survive.

Before I became a  therapist and a researcher, I was a person. A friend. A sister. A daughter. A partner. And despite all my formal training I still wrestle with my own mind at times. Rather than see those times as moments of weakness and withdraw from my relationships, I strive to accept them as the catalysts that can bring me into closer connection with others and thus be more empowered to overcome the struggles. When mental illness is misunderstood, it becomes stigmatized, and it becomes a reason for people to be seduced by seclusion. By openly talking about mental health here, I hope I am helping us recognize that to struggle is not unique and that connections--relationships with others--during those times can be the difference between surrendering to weakness and reclaiming your strength. 

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Antiracist parenting emphasizes action that continuously fights against white supremacy. Voices of advocacy come in all volumes, tones, and timbers; teach your child to add their voice to the chorus.

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Among other things, the Sacramento chapter of NAMI hosts support groups for family members of those diagnosed with a mental illness.  

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